Success in Forex Trading

The forex market is extremely volatile and risky for most traders. Even skilled traders may find it difficult to trade forex most of the time. Therefore, finding success in forex trading is critical due to the unpredictable market. You may need to apply some tactics to get success in forex; still, no one can guarantee that. But if you follow few technics that may increase your opportunity for success. Besides, you will also need to trade with a good broker. In this context, checking the forex brokers reviews are also necessary.

Here in this article, we will identify the reasons for getting the forex trading hard ways to come over those.

Top Reasons that Make Forex Trading Fail

When you get into the real trading world, you may not find the actual reason that makes your forex trading hard. However, as you get experienced, you might be able to identify the reasons by yourself. But, most of the failure follows a common pattern or reasons. Following are the most conventional reasons that can make you feel the forex trading difficult.

Chasing the market and don’t maintain trading discipline

The biggest mistake any newbie or sometimes the experts make is to take the trading decisions emotionally. Sometimes traders tend to chase the market emotionally, which properly analyzing it. It is normal to face some losses while trading, but your loss would be covered if you gain big success. Hence, it is better to understand the market beforehand than to chase the market.

Fear & Greed

Fear and greed is a common problem among the traders, which can damage a trader’s confidence if not managed properly. Fear is initially defined when a trader hesitates to make a trade or enter the forex market. However, it can hamper trade closing too. For example, a trader is clearly winning trade, but he prematurely closes the trader due to fear. On the other hand, greed occurs when a trader adds more money to a winning trade instead of closing to earn more profit from a small move. And sometimes trader may end up with a loss.

Ignoring Trading Plan

Whether you trade forex or other instruments, it is necessary to follow a trading plan. The plan can comprise some stuff such as risk management rules, return on investment, etc. However, failing a plan would not make your trading life hard but ignoring a plan would do. So, if you make a plan before trading and don’t follow the plan in the middle of your traders, forex trading becomes harder.

Revenge Trading

Revenge trading occurs when a trader tries to recover the prior loss by taking a larger position. Eventually, revenge trading is a result of emotional imbalance and not thinking strategically. Revenge trading can be fruitful sometimes, while it also comprises a huge risk.

If the trading doesn’t work according to the trader’s way, he will face the loss again. By that you realize your mistake, it will be a big amount of losses. Nevertheless, trading becomes harder even if you are an expert trader.

Unrealistic Expectation

We already have mentioned that forex trading is risky; at the same time, it is highly profitable too. But, considering the profitability, some traders tend to make unrealistic predictions on the outcome. Having an unrealistic expectation can make the forex trading critical as the trader expects one thing, and that flipped reversely. Therefore, expecting an abnormal return will certainly hamper the trading conditions and plans.

How to Success in Forex Trading?

Forex trading cannot get you success overnight unless you are lucky. It takes years to achieve success in forex. Furthermore, successful traders sharpen their skills through continuous practice and discipline. Besides, they also work on self-analysis and practice different strategies. Furthermore, to achieve some sort of success in forex trading, you will also need to follow some rules or tactics. Check the following point to hone your success.

Choose the Right Broker

Brokers play a vital role in your forex trading. Therefore, choosing the right broker is the first and foremost task. However, selecting the correct broker is not an easy task either. You will need to check some criteria to find the best forex broker. The criteria may include forex regulations, offered instruments, trading platforms, customer service, fees and commissions, deposit and withdrawals, and more. Checking all these one by one is a mighty job. Hence It may take a long time to find the right broker.

Even though you find the broker, you will need to check that out through a small investment. If the broker does not work, you will need to do all the tasks again to find another broker. But you can skip those parts and look at the top forex brokers reviews to select the broker that meets your needs. The reviews can save your time and can help you to decide to jump into trading.

Lot Size

Typically, forex is traded in a specific amount or number of currency units, which is called lots. The lot measures the transaction amount, so when you initiate a trade, orders are usually placed in lots. Hence understanding the lots is important since it will maximize or minimize your profit or loss amount.

When you go for trading, you will find different lot sizes such as nano, micro, and mini, which denominates 100, 1000, and 10000 units. However, there is also a bigger lot which is sized at 100,000 units and called standard size.

Nevertheless, lot size matters greatly in forex trading. The bigger the lot size, the more can be your profit. However, you can check some currency movements with a small lot before going for trading with bigger lots.


Leverage defines the borrowed funds to maximize one’s trading position beyond one available cash balance. Generally, forex traders use leverage to maximize their profit from a comparatively small price change. However, leverage can fire back if the price moves reversely. Therefore, choosing the right amount of leverage is essential to success in forex trading. However, the standard leverage size can be 50:1 to 100:1 or sometimes more than that. So, having a clear concept and knowledge of leverage and knowing how to use them is necessary.

Stop Loss and Take Profit

It is mainly a risk management tool that you can use for technical analysis. The stop loss feature usually indicates when to close a position if a trader is not near to the device. It may work in three different ways, percentage stop, volatility stop, and chart stop. An in-depth understanding of all the stop-loss order types is needed to achieve success in trading.

On the other hand, a take profit order to exactly the opposite of the stop loss, which is used to tell the broker when to close your order. This type of order mainly closes the position when a trade achieves its goal and earns enough profit.

Most of the traders may act simultaneously to reduce the risk, while others may use either of them. So, it is important that you know about your condition to take the necessary steps to succeed in forex trading.

Bottom Line

Whether you are a new trader or an expert one, you can face bumps in the forex trading journey. Therefore, you have to keep patient and cautious at the same time. Besides, you will need to know the reasons that can make your forex trading hard. At the same time, a trader also needs to boost success by following some tips and tricks. Hopefully, the guideline we have provided above will help you to get you success.