Extra Money Online

You do not need to get another job to make extra money. You can make money by listening to phone calls, telling jokes, even browsing grocery. Most of us have a traditional 9 to 5-hour full-time job where we work 40 hours a week. But with wages so low, most of us are still struggling to pay our monthly bills and our daily expenses.

Unfortunately, even if you want to get another job, the national unemployment rate will not make it easy for you. So you are stuck with your poorly paid work. But there is good news… you can make money by working full time. There are even ways to make money without work. And we will discuss with you some of these options. And surprisingly, some of them will earn you more money than your current job! And at the very least, you will be able to earn enough to cover a few monthly bills. When you work full time, the last thing you want to do when you get home from a hard day’s work is to leave. But to make extra money, you do not even have to leave your living room. All you need is the internet and your internet-connected device. To make extra money this is important now.

1. Evaluate websites

How many websites you visit daily, pay you to use them? None. But there are sites that pay you to test them? Sounds surprising but there are companies that pay people to spend a few minutes on their site, to navigate. All of this is part of what is called “user testing”. They pay you so that they can get comments and improve their site. Getting direct feedback from the average daily user and implementing them is a proven way to make your site a better, more user-friendly site that will allow you to get more customers and more sales.

The only problem is that it would take too much time for each company to find volunteer participants one by one and set them up for website testing. This problem has been solved with the introduction of website test platforms that connect webmasters with visitors. These platforms serve as intermediaries between webmasters who want to perform user tests, with visitors looking to make extra money as a site tester.

2. Make money by listening to phone calls

How many times a day do you listen to voice messages and messages stored on your phone? But you’re never paid to listen to your voicemails? But there is a way to make money by listening to voice messages? There is a disadvantage though; that they are not your voice messages! In fact, they are not really voicing messages, they are recorded calls.

You must have had experience that when you call the customer support of any company, the operator says something like “this call is registered”. They record them so that they can listen to them later and review the performance of their customer service representatives. This is how they improve their customer service over the phone. You can make money by listening to and examining these same calls. Thanks to a company called Humanatic which helps hundreds of companies review their recorded calls by recruiting independent reviewers.

To start, all you need to do is: register yourself for free. Link your PayPal account so you can get paid. Next, apply for the available revision positions that interest you. Get paid once a week. The advantage of working with such a company is that you can create your own schedule and get paid every week.

3. Perform Virtual Assistant Tasks

In this type of job profile, you are paid to shop online. Shopping here refers to digital or online shopping. It’s basically working as a virtual assistant online. And the good news is that you do not have to go out and get customers. There are already platforms where customers and VAs can be located. You can do all kinds of simple tasks and get paid for them. For example: Make calls to service providers or schedule appointments, buy tickets for events and trips or book hotel rooms. You are paid per task from $ 3 up to a few hundred dollars or more depending on the task. Some of these platforms will pay you via PayPal and others with a cheque.

4. Get paid by giving opinions

There are times you bought a product or service that you thought could improve and that you knew how to. Would not it be nice if these companies paid you to tell them what’s wrong with their products and services? There are companies that pay you for your opinion because it helps them to improve their products and even to develop new products of better quality. To join, sign up for these survey panels for free, complete your profile, and each time a survey matches your profile (for example, a manufacturer may want to get feedback only from the 20 to 30-year-old winner 40,000 $ per year), you receive an invitation.


Everyone needs making extra money from time to time. Even though this money will not make you rich, it can help you break your deadlock or pay off your debts. It helps you get started. But as with any adventure, it begins with a first step. Having money quickly and legally is easy if you know how to do it.