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Awareness about a “connected home”, or smart home is surging and in the last few years, this has led to a large number of homeowners buying different kinds of home automation devices.

Millennials are leading the race pack with their knack of making things simple and trends show that their fascination for technology is slowly rubbing off on others too. Middle-aged and old homeowners are now also keen to know what a connected home means and how it can bring down their home insurance costs.

What is a connected home?

A connected home is a home that has highly advanced automated systems to control and monitor any function in the home. Such functions include lighting, temperature control, multi-media, security, window and door operations, or air quality. In other words, you need not perform any task – all tasks will all be done by the connected home. Some examples are mentioned below:

  • Activating ‘smart’ alarms that go off at a specific time during the day.
  • Adjusting thermostats in various devices automatically in real-time
  • Using smart devices to lock and unlock a door.
  • Using motion detection sensors to turn on and turn off lights

Penetration of connected homes in Canada

Data revealed by Statista shows that penetration of connected homes in Canada was 19.8% in 2019 and this is expected to reach 38.7% by 2023.

Benefits of a connected home

A connected home will protect your home in multiple ways. For instance, a sensor on your water taps can notify you if there is damage. You can quickly check the device and turn it off. A smart lock programmed with unique access codes can keep your homes safe from break-ins.

These smart technologies can also work in a standalone mode and serve as powerful home management tools. The most benefits are derived, however, when these technologies are paired with one another. For example, giving you access via your mobile device to enable you to switch off the water supply, and not just simply notifying you. Or, for example, helping you sync your smart lock with a monitored full-home smart security system that calls the police when tampered with.

Apart from the above, the biggest benefit of having a smart home is the savings that you generate. As per experts, consumers spend close to $1100 per year using smart devices. Smart thermostats are the most popular and generate the most savings in costs associated with heating and cooling.

Relationship between connected homes and home insurance

Connected homes have a lot of interplay with home insurance. The insurance industry understands that using smart devices works in their interests and that is most of them are offerings discounts on premiums to their customers, making security devices available to them at a low cost.

Home Insurance Calgary Alberta companies appreciate the use of connected home technologies as these technologies reduce the risk of damages and lower the chances of customers filing expensive home insurance claims.

Negotiate with your home insurance company

Always remember that your homeowner’s insurance rate is negotiable. You are not bound to pay the monthly premium cost your home insurance Calgary Alberta Company tells you. You should adopt a proactive approach and let your home insurance Calgary Alberta Company know that you want to protect your home and have installed a smart home system. Also, let them know of other safety improvements that you have made to your home.

This way you would be able to prepare an approach to lower your home insurance rates and possibly receive home insurance discounts as well.

In case your home insurance Calgary Alberta Company does not appreciate your efforts and refuses to offer you a discount for installing a smart home system, then you are well within your rights to switch your insurance company. You can do this at any time by comparing and negotiating rates with various companies. For this, it is advisable that you contact a well known and professional home insurance broker like Beneficial Insurance Solutions.

They are an independent insurance brokerage firm providing excellent professional service and best rates and service for car, home, life, health, and business insurances.


Connected home or smart home technology is here to stay and is bound to have a positive impact on the insurance industry in the years to come. These positive impacts will trickle down and create positive impacts for the consumer as well in terms of lower premium costs.