Pay Off Your Debt

Have you ever gone to the desert? If yes, then imagine you stuck in quicksand and heads in the sand, you try to save your life, but it keeps drowning you more.

That is the feeling of being in debt.

When you are in debt, you want to move to a different planet, a place full of peace and freedom of debt.

There are ample of a reason you fall into debt: a failed marriage, student loans, a sudden loss of income.

Remember, every problem in your life comes with a solution; you need to find a way to tackle those obstacles, difficulties, and I know you will do, and we are all with you. We’ll explore eight effective ways to how to pay off debt fast.

Tip 1: Manage a budget

Create a budget. There are many ways to make a budget according to your needs, not according to your wants.

At the beginning of every month create a budget, as per your requirements such as entertainment, food, clothing, and bills. If the flow of the money goes out of the bucket, then reduce the expenses and stick to the budget, because once the spending that you made goes out, then it will create problems in an arrangement.

Try to compromise a little with your lifestyle, it’s difficult, but you need to do for a short time after finishing your debt, then you can continue what you were doing before.

The easiest way to make arrangements and detail of all these budgets is that you need to make an excel sheet and maintain every spending according to the law that you made and commit yourself that you’ll follow the rules.

Tip 2: Debt Snowball Method

The basic meaning that you’re pushing or throwing the small snowball, and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. It means to pay small debts first before move forward to the bigger one.

After wipe out the small debt, it will give you a momentum to continue the program and make you feel like you won a small victory; however, it will give psychological satisfaction.

It is okay if sometimes priority moves to the small debts such as bill and many small credit card loans, and if you think you can pay them quickly, then pay it and erase them from the excel sheet.

Tip 3: Increase Minimum Payment

Increase your payment from a different sector. I know it is easier said than done. If your debt is high, then you should attempt to raise the little money from another sector.

There are actually many ways which work perfectly well, such as

  • •Works more hours if you are doing a 9-6 job
  • •Find out low-cost activities
  • •Get a second job
  • •Collect personal finance from your friends
  • •Sell unwanted gift and stuff to eBay or Amazon

Paying more each month will put more towards the principle meaning of your debt faster.

Tip 4: Negotiation

Learn the art of bargaining, call the credit card company and ask for the lower rates, suppose you have 20.76% APR, but you call the company and negotiate the rates up to 15.76% APR, and that’s you saved 5% on APR.

Negotiation helps in most of the buying department. Try to convince your best price is effective for the product, and according to the market, the same thing can be found almost at this price.

Tip 5: Cancel Subscription

Cancellation of unwanted subscriptions will give little help to get debt-free. It also gives you an abrupt time to get more money to earn from a different stream.

Delete the details of credit cards from the online store because it may automatically deduct the money from your bank account.

Tip 6: Start a Passive Revenue

Start another way source of income and make money from doing extra work. It could be anything you want to do, such as cleaning the building at night time, amazon affiliate, youtube, stock, and paid tutorial.

I am sure it will be blessed for you in the upcoming month and provide you second hand to get debt payoff, use the money for debt reduction.

Tip 7: Credit Card debt

A credit card has an advantage and disadvantage too. Many credit card users always read the advantages and forget about the limitations, and that’s the reason they fall into the hole of debt.

The average credit card debt in the United States is increasing. Below are certain points that need to avoid while using a credit card.

  • •A credit card is feasible for online shopping. Stop excessive shopping from the card
  • •Credit card fraud is common these days
  • •Sometimes the hidden cost you need to pay

Tip 8: Learn to invest

  • •Start investing in the stock
  • •Buy a property
  • •Think long-term
  • •Create emergency funds

Spend little time to learn and understand the law of stock. American is a significant market for investing. If you want to prepare yourself under any circumstances, you need to plan an emergency fund and think for long terms. The middle class generally doesn’t believe in stock and considers the only negatives parts of it.

Tip 9: Avoid unwanted product

The reason that people fall into the hole of debt is a lust for purchasing unwanted things. If you are tech enthusiasts, you want apple products at every update and sell the previous one with low rates, and that drives you to the debt hole and more money to pay as an EMI.

If you are passionate about such things, then I suggest avoiding for a particular time as soon as you get and free from all the debt in your life.